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We’ve mastered closing loans, but we’re always looking for more ways to make sure our employees know we’re More Than Mortgages. Explore the site to get to know where our heart is and how we can help make sure working here means you’re a part of our family.

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Kids Meals Inc needs volunteers each week from 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:30pm – 2:30pm



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JULY 13, 2023

As a mortgage company, we believe that part of owning a home or business is investing back into the community. Our mission is to promote positive community change through charitable giving at the national, state, and local level.



We are proud to have granted over $300,000 in educational scholarships to our team members and their families!


All employee’s spouses and their dependents

All employees with student debt

All employees


Educational Scholarships for universities, junior colleges, and trade schools

Funds for student loan debt relief

Funds for future career advancement


Apply in June

Apply in June

Open Year Round


Application Links can be found on


Because we know educational costs are expensive, and your family is our family, too.

Because we understand how debt can be overwhelming and we want to help ease the burden.

Because we value lifelong learning and want to help you achieve your career goals.

AmCap ensures our customers can give their families a safe, secure place to call home. Clayton Ramirez helps maintain that same sense of safety and security for your family with estate planning services to make certain your wishes for the future are well documented.

From managing asset and wealth distribution to authenticating your care and minor guardianship desires, their legal team simplifies the complex world of probate law to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

As a special offer, the law firm is now assisting AmCap employees in the creation of their wills free of charge (a $750 value)!


Download these flyers to learn more about what Paycom has to offer.

More Than Mortgages Monthly Award

Cassie Croft

Director of Corporate Giving

They say home is where the heart is. It’s where your family resides, where treasures are kept and where memories are made. AmCap is here to help put you in the house you’ll make a home. Iscential is here to help you protect it.

Founded in 1993, Iscential is an insurance brokerage company dedicated to serving as a trusted advisor to its clients. Rather than simply telling you what coverage you need, Iscential takes the time to get to know you and explain your exposures, giving you the knowledge and power to select a plan that effectively minimizes your risk and provides peace of mind.

AmCap has proudly partnered with this company, whose dedication to customer service so strongly mirrors its own. Through this business relationship, AmCap customers can rest assured they’re getting the very best insurance coverage for their home.


AmCap Mortgage, LTD., including all affiliated companies and any subsidiary companies, is pleased to remind everyone of a benefit for all CURRENT employees. AmCap provides ALL CURRENT employees a Salary Continuation Plan. This plan is 100% paid by AmCap at NO expense to any employee. The Salary Continuation Plan provides coverage for all CURRENT employees (NO dependents are included) should any employee involuntarily lose their life. Coverage ceases immediately for all persons leaving AmCap Mortgage Bank active employment. Covered Causes of Death: Terminal illness, injury, accident. The employee death need not be related to your daily work activities. Length of coverage: AmCap will provide 50 % of an individual’s 12-month employee salary (capped at $100,000 annually) for any covered employee death. The benefit will be paid on a monthly basis, and issued to your dependents as a salary continuation (payroll) check for the twelve months following the employee’s death. AmCap management is pleased to offer this benefit to all current employees, though we most certainly hope that we never lose an employee. The idea is simple: we want to safeguard our valued employees’ dependents by offering this salary continuation plan.

NOTE: This benefit is not an ERISA controlled benefit, and there is no guarantee that this plan will be offered every year following its inception in 2016. Though we certainly hope and expect to continue to offer the plan for many years in the future.

P. Garrett Clayton, CEO

NOTE: This benefit is not an ERISA controlled benefit, and there is no guarantee that this plan will be offered every year following its inception in 2016. Though we certainly hope and expect to continue to offer the plan for many years in the future.

More Than Mortgage Emergency Assistance Fund

Partnering with our employees through their life’s most challenging moments. AmCap Mortgage, LTD. established the More Than Mortgages Employee Assistance Fund as a program to assist employees cope with unexpected financial hardships that place undue stress on an employee and their family. More Than Mortgages provides approved applicants with funds to help employees recover more quickly from unexpected financial hardship resulting from:

  1. Federally Qualified, Natural and other Disasters (Ex: Covid or Hurricane) or
  2. Personal Hardships (Ex: House Flood, Accident or Medical Need)

AmCap recently implemented a year round Spot Bonus Award which is a $500 flat fee bonus for team members that have accomplished a special task or accomplishment outside of their job scope and role responsibilities.


A Spot Bonus Request Form must be completed here: SPOT BONUS REQUEST FORM

The Culture Committee needs to approve if the nomination meets the program’s eligibility criteria.

Check Out How to SPOT someone for this award:

Many people are nominating team members for a job well done or for people going above and beyond their role, BUT that is not what this award is about. For all job specific recognition, please fill out the Circle of Excellence form here: CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE FORM

A Spot Bonus is a reward for a task completed OUTSIDE of someone’s role responsibilities. Check out some samples below:

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